Learn Amazon Affiliate Marketing With AzonHacks.com Tutorials

Here's what you will learn on Azon Hacks:

  • How to do proper niche research and find profitable Amazon niches
  • How to find keywords with huge traffic but little competition
  • How to create conversion focused niche sites for maximum profit
  • How to make sure your website is Amazon review proof
  • How to write (or outsource) content for your niche sites
  • How to rank Amazon niche sites on Google...and more!

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Make Money Online With Azon Hacks

Making money online with Amazon niche sites isn't easy, unless you have a blueprint to follow.

There are 3 main steps on your path to success, find more about them below.


Niche research followed by keyword research is the first step in your Azon journey. It is crucial that you do this right because it will help you rank your websites faster and earn you more money.


Creating a perfect niche site, together with high converting content is another important step of every successful Amazon affiliate.  This alone can have huge positive (or negative) effect on your online business.


And finally, no amazing niche or keyword research, no beautiful website or well written articles will help you make money unless you send some traffic to your website. SEO is king!

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