If you are using Thrive Content Builder for your niche sites you made the right decision. It's so easy to make any kind of landing page or content page with it just by drag and dropping few elements. This page was also made with Thrive Content Builder 🙂 To make your life easier we have created few templates you can use right away on your website, just import them with one click and start filling it in with your content and images.


You can buy each template individually or get them all for just a fraction of price, click here for more info

Reviews Home Page - Version 3

Single product review - Version 3

Best of... style - Version 4

Reviews Home Page - Version 2

Reviews Home Page - Version 1

Best of... style - Version 3

Best of... style - Version 1

Best of... style - Version 2

Single product review - Version 1

Single product review - Version 2



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Answers on all your questions

Will any of these templates overwrite my WP theme design?

Yes, when you import this template on your page or post it will overwrite everything else, including your header, footer and sidebar. But only on the page/post where you import it, it won't overwrite your entire website. Depending on your WP theme you can easily make a similar header/footer, just replace the logo with yours and adjust the colors.

How do I setup the menu on this template?

When you import this template on your website's page it will be shown without a menu. To include your menu in it, just drag an drop the Menu element from Thrive Content Builder's elements from the right sidebar. It's located under (Advanced Elements) -> Widgets - > Custom Menu. Then, if it's not automatically loaded, select your menu from the options.

If you don't have any menus on your website yet you'll first need to go and create it within the WordPress dashboard (Appearance -> Menus).

My template is not as shown on the demo, can you help me fix it?

Depending on your website and theme you are using some elements might be slightly different, like different color on some headlines, or maybe a different font size on some text. While that rarely occurs, if it does just change it the way you like or the same as our demo. 

99% of the template in 99% of cases will look identical as our demo.

Are these templates breaking any Amazon Associates regulations?

As far as we know it doesn't. However we advise that you once again check and read all the Amazon Associates guidelines and make sure you aren't breaking any rules.

Can you create a custom Thrive template just for me?

Sure! If you need a custom template, for example for a long 'top 10' or 'best 10' kind of article just contact us and we'll make something unique and pretty for you. We'll even include a few premium stock photos. The price of a custom template is $99. If you need one contact us here.

Can I use these templates without Thrive Content Builder plugin?

Nop, you need Thrive Content Builder plugin installed on your WordPress website to be able to use one or more of these templates.

I need home page designs, will you make some?

Maybe 🙂 Show support by buying some of these templates and we'll include home designs in the next batch. However, if you need more template options feel free to check The Landing Factory - an unofficial Thrive Content Builder marketplace with over 200 landing page templates.

Is this a one time purchase or recurring?

This is a one time purchase - purchase the template you like and own it forever. You can even use it on multiple niche sites you personally own. However, sharing the template or reselling it is not allowed.

How do I import this template on my website?

Really, really easy. First create a page and save it as draft or publish it. Then, click on the Edit with Thrive Content Builder to open it with the Thrive's editor. After that click on Thrive Landing Pages on the top of the right sidebar to see more options, and finally, click on Import Landing Page. As shown on the image below. After that just drop the .zip file of the template you downloaded from us.

I don't like the template, can I get a refund?

Nop. You see the template before you buy it by clicking on the Demo button below each template. That's the exact same thing you'll get after you buy. If you don't like it just don't buy it.

Are these templates optimized for SEO?

Yes! We used H-tags on all the right places. Everything else is up to you, write good content and optimized your images for even better performance.

Will you make more templates and when?

That depends mostly on you guys. If you like the initial templates we released and you buy some we'll probably get motivation to invest more time and money in creating even more and even better templates.

My niche is different than the ones shown on the demo pages, should I still use these templates?

No worries, we just picked some niches randomly so we can show you better how awesome can it look. If you niche is different it will look just as good after you replace the images and put proper text on it.

Are these templates optimized for smaller screens / mobile devices?

Absolutely! Our templates look gorgeous on both desktop computers and mobile devices.

Can I share / give away / resell these templates?

No, these templates are for your personal use only. You can use it on multiple websites you own, but you are not allowed to share it with anyone else, give it for free, include it in your product or service, or resell it in any way.

I have more questions, where can I contact you?

Just drop us a message by using our contact form.

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