Congrats, you just landed on a Start Here page! Here you will find everything you need to know to get started with your first Amazon affiliate niche site. In 6 quicks steps I'll teach you and show you exactly what you need to do to make money online, how to do it and which tools you should use. Ready, set, go! 


Amazon-Associates-TermsBefore you even think of creating your first Amazon niche site you MUST read Amazon’s Associates TOS. I can’t emphasized this enough. If you break some of the Amazon rules your Amazon affiliate account will get banned, you’ll get all the money your earned up until that point, but you want be able to make more money with Amazon from that point forward.

Amazon even says that if you create new sites and reapply for their affiliate program they still might close it.

By now I hope you understand just how important this is for your online business and income. To help you speed things up and to clarify certain points from Amazon Associates TOS I’ll share some useful links and articles below. They are long, they are detailed, but they are also crucial for your Amazon affiliate account well being. Read it once, read it twice if you have to. Try to remember all the rules, if you can’t, come back and double check that you, as Amazon affiliate, or your niche site, isn’t breaking any rules.

Step #1 - NICHE & Keyword research

Keyword-researchThis is my favorite step. It’s so exciting when you discover a profitable Amazon niche with low competition, and you can just visualize your self conquering the first page of Google.

Niche research and keyword research and two different things, although they work closely together. When you do both these things right, you can forward to the next step because you know you have a high chance of making your niche site profitable.

Luckily for all of use, doing niche and keyword research has never been easier. It’s not just the tools that speed things up hugely, it’s a wide range of tactics you can use to achieve the same result.

There are so much tools and websites to help you do just that, and below this text you’ll find some of my best article and tool recommendations.



  • KWFinder (I use this all the time)
  • SERP Checker (I use it together with KWFinder, they come in the same package)
  • SEM Rush (I use it from time to time, really powerful set of tools)


Domain-HostingThis is another important step which a lot of you guys take for granted. Why is good hosting important? There are several reasons…

Google gives advantage to faster websites (faster loading), clients who land on a slow website leave and never return again, a 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions etc.

These are just a couple of reasons to consider. Do you want to lose sales because your website is slow, crashing or even down? Of course you don’t want that. 

I understand a lot of you reading this are on a tight budget, but there are some hosting companies which are amazing and won’t break your bank (mentioned below). Remember, you are building an online business, an empire, and you need to have a firm ground to do that. 

I’ve done all the research for you, all you need is to choose. Below are my favorite two web hosting companies, I use both of them. Actually Azon Hacks is hosted on one of them. So think twice if you were thinking on getting that $1/mo hosting, think long term, that initial payment will pay for itself later.

*With domain providers it’s harder to make a mistake, but I’ll recommend you what I use below in case you don’t know where to go. Btw many hosting companies include a free domain too when you buy their service (both hostings mentioned below), so if you need a domain for just one website you are good to go, just pick the one you like and/or can afford.




Creating-websiteNow it’s time to show your designing skills. 🙂 Just kidding, you don’t need to be a designer to have a great website. You just need to pick an awesome WordPress theme, add a couple of useful plugins, set that all up and you are ready to go.

And the best thing, I’ve already done all the research for you. You’ll find out where to find amazing free and premium WordPress themes and plugins.

If this is your first niche site – keep it simple. Don’t invest one month into creating your website, get a theme, install it and go with it. There’s enough time for improvements later on. 

It may seem or sound complicated at first but I’ll show you and teach you every step of the way so you don’t miss anything. Yeah people are suckers for nice looking websites, but actually they are much more interested in the content you are providing to them. You just need to make it as simple as possible to navigate through your website, make your links highly visible and make your content easy to read and scan. I’ll cover all of that in my articles which will be linked below.


Check more tools on my Azon Tools page.


Writing-articlesOne of the things I love to do is writing. One of the things I hate to do is writing. If you are a writer you’ll understand. If you are not a writer let me explain.

Writing is a beautiful form of expressing your thoughts and feelings, your expertise and your experience. Although I feel fulfilled when I write I hate some other sides of it, like doing research, taking notes, finding appropriate images that go with the article, styling and editing my article, checking grammar errors and misspelling, inserting links etc. It takes a lot of work and time.

If you are a good writer, well versed in English and have time, feel free to write articles for all of your Amazon niche site. Yes it will take you some time, but you will also be satisfied with what you’ve written and feel great joy when the money starts pouring in because of what you wrote, or when people start commenting on your articles telling you just how great and helpful you are. Oh yeah, and if you don’t have money to pay someone else, you really don’t have another choice than to write it yourself.

For all of you entrepreneurs out there, you probably don’t have time to write articles, and there are most likely some better things you should invest your time into. That’s where outsourcing comes in the game. You find people who love to write and know how to write, pay them and they do all the heavy work. If you have enough money you can hire someone else to edit and style those articles too before you put them live.

On some links and articles below I will share my experience when it comes to writing articles on your own, but also how to find great writers you can pay to write for you.



Check more writing services on my Azon Tools page.


Get-traffic-SEOThings are getting pretty exciting now. Your website is up and running, now all you need to do is get some visitors to actually see it.

How to do that you ask? There are hundreds of ways to get traffic, but I’m going to concentrate here on one thing mostly, and that is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

This is what most Amazon affiliates do, rely on traffic from Google. It can be risky putting all your eggs in one basket (Google penalties and such horrible things), but it’s hard to resist when it’s so rewarding.

Imagine this, you rank you website for certain keywords, you start to get traffic, people buy stuff on Amazon and you get commissions. How cool is that? And yes, it works when you sleep too. You go out on a Saturday, party hard, sleep until 3PM, wake up and check you Amazon affiliate account and BAM, you made $100 while you are having fun or sleeping. You probably think I am exaggerating but really, when you rank your niche sites properly most of the hard work is done and it is time to collect some money.

Of course, SEO is not that simple, there are certain steps and tactics you need to follow to rank your website, and these days ranking on the first page of Google has become really hard. Still, if you did a good keyword research (see Step #1) it will be much easier.

All those SEO tactics and rules like on-page optimization, off-page optimization, backlinking, social signals etc. will be explained in the upcoming articles below. As always there are some useful tools which can help you, so don’t forget to check them out too.


  • Coming soon!
  • Coming soon!


Step #6 - Making money and then making some more

making-moneyYou did it, your website is beautiful, your articles are useful and well written, you are ranking for several keywords on page 1 on Google, people are buying things you are telling them to buy and it all seems like a big fairytale.

And it is, but it can always be a little bit better. In this step you are going to learn how to take your niche sites one step further and make even more money.

Sounds good? If so check the links below, you might find them useful. More articles are coming really soon so don’t you worry, I’ve got you covered.


  • Coming soon!
  • Coming soon!


  • Thrive Content Builder (my fav tool, use it to stylize your pages and increase conversions)
  • Thrive Leads (use it to get leads, and then notify them about new products and articles)
  • EasyAzon (use it to get commissions from people around the world, not just US)
  • WP Compear (amazing plugin for product comparison, made for Amazon affiliates)

Check more great tools on my Azon Tools page.

And that's it!

If you read this whole page you deserve a medal. It means that you are serious about making money with Amazon niche sites. Now stop reading, grab all the tools you need and start working!

Thank you and good luck!

Drazen Prastalo

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