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Pre-made Amazon niche keyword packs for instant head start in your Amazon affiliate journey!

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What's included in niche packs?

Below you can find out what exactly is included in each package. For better understanding I still suggest you to watch the video above before making a purchase decision. What I can promise you is that you won't be disappointed with the data you'll get in each package.


Niche packs Basic is a smaller package for people who just want to get a good niche with a lot keywords and basic competition research. In this package you will get:

  • Main buyer intent keyword - This keyword is a so called 'buying intent' keyword in a form of "best + keyword", for example "best fishing kayak". This keyword has at least 1000 US monthly searches in average (will be specified how much on each keyword pack below).  
  • High priced niche - Products in this niche cost in average over $100 which means higher commissions for you.
  • Low competition keyword - This niche (its main keyword) is a low competition keyword as measured by KWFinder. All niche packs will have a main keyword with SEO Difficulty between 30 and 40, which will be specified for each niche pack.
  • 200+ Additional keywords - Each niche packs contains several hundreds of additional related keywords for that niche which you can use to create even better and more targeted content for your users and rank better in Google for even more keywords. There are some hidden gems in there so make sure to check them out. All keywords found with KWFinder.
  • Top 10 competitors data - This includes basic SEO data from your top 10 competitors, like their Page and Domain Authority (PA and DA), Citation Flow (CF), Trust Flow (CF) and more.
  • 10 Amazon products recommendation - We did all the research for you and have found the best 10 products for you to promote in each specific niche pack. That way you can go and start writing content immediately or just forward it to your writers.
  • 2 WP themes recommendations - Picking a good WP theme for your niche can sometimes take hours, that's why we did it for you. Pick one and start building your niche site.


Niche packs Pro is a bigger niche package with more keywords, better competitors data and few additional extras.
In this package you will get:

  • Everything in the basic package - This package includes everything in the basic package with some additional data as explained below.
  • 20 Amazon product recommendations - Just like in the Basic package but instead of 10 best products in the niche we will give you 20 best, hand-picked products you can promote in your new niche website.
  • 6 WP themes recommendations - This time, instead of 2 WP themes we are giving in the Basic package, we have found 6 great WP themes for you - free and premium themes combined. Just pick one and start building your niche site.
  • 10 Domain recommendations - In this package you will get 10 niche-specific available domain recommendations. Pick the one you like and register it before it gets taken by someone else. This alone will save you a couple of hours of research.
  • 1000+ Ahrefs competitor keywords - These are keywords for which your top 10 competitors are ranking, taken from Ahrefs - more than thousand of them, in some cases even several thousands! This data is pure gold and can help you find amazing new keywords you can use to get more traffic to your website and make more sales.
  • Ahrefs competitor backlinks - You get all the backlinks data of your top 10 competitors, that way you know from where did they get their links and understand better how and why are they ranking so well. This data is also very valuable when creating an effective SEO strategy for your niche site.


Satisfaction of our customers is most important to us. We always thrive to bring the best products for you and your success is our success as well. That's why we want to share some of the insights from customers who have seen and used niche packs made by Azon Hacks.

Growth Hacking Consultant

Philip Home
Successful Amazon Affiliate

Keyword pack worth every penny!

First of all, I'd like to thank you for providing such a great keyword pack (Basic). Main keyword competition is low which means the site can easily rank. You also provided 200+ related keywords that are more than worth $30.

The way you provided your keyword list is nice, and I think those who buy your Basic package would not need to spend times on extensive analysis as you already did it. Product price range is $100+ so; that brings a good commission.

Creating a niche site is so easy, but the number one crucial part is keyword research which takes lots of time, tools and knowledge. Your package can easily beat the critical part, and get time to focus on content writing and promotion. I believe this Basic keyword package is worth every penny.

Rezaul Hasan Mehedi Affiliate Marketer

Drazen has outdone it with these niche packs!

Forget Google and wasting time organizing data... Drazen has outdone it with these niche packs. Everything is out and displayed in a very understandable manner. The keywords vary, should bring in a nice flow of traffic and would last quite a long time and there are even competitors listed so I'd know how far I need to get my site into something better than them.

The products are best sellers, they are guaranteed to sell, all that needs to be done is sending leads to Amazon and they take care of the rest. So the only way you could go wrong is by not taking advantage of them and using the keywords to rank. The only downside is, you may get addicted to buying these packs and never take action!

Nader Qudimat Entrepreneur

This niche pack saved me loads of time!

Getting this Basic niche pack from Drazen saved me loads of time. Keyword research, in general, is extremely time-consuming but now that I can get it all up front with a lot of well-researched buying intended and long tail keywords for a seemingly common kitchen product that I didn´t know existed!

Not only that but he even pointed me to a FREE affiliate WordPress theme!! Totally DFY niche research and at a bargain - will buy again 🙂

David Hansson Affiliate Marketer

why buy any niche pack in the first place?

Some of you are probably thinking that you don't actually need any of these niche packs and that you could do it all by yourself. And that is completely true, if you have enough money, time to spend on research and tools involved + the knowledge to pick the right niche.

Picking the right niche is crucial for making a successful Amazon affiliate website. If you choose the wrong niche everything else you do later won't matter and you simply won't be able to make any money.​

I've researched and found hundreds of great niches and picked a few for my personal projects, but I can't manage them all and that's why I wanted to give them to you at the cheapest price possible.​

Just to make it clear for you let me show you exactly how much effort, money and time is included in each niche pack.​


  • KWfinder - $29/mo or $149/year
  • Ahrefs - $99/mo or $990/year

TOTAL: $128/mo or $1139/year


  • Invaluable - years of experience


  • Finding low competition niche with high priced products -
    10 - ∞ hours (depending on your skills)
  • Finding good WP theme - 1-5 hours
  • Finding available domain - 1-5 hours
  • Finding 10-20 best Amazon products - 2-5 hours
  • Sorting, managing and preparation - 2-5 hours
  • Keyword research - 1-5 hours
  • Competitors research - 5-10 hours

TOTAL: 20-40+ hours

Conclusion: Even if you just need to pay for the tools this would cost your $128/mo, and putting the time and effort in all that would take approx. 20- 40+ hours to get everything in place. With these niche packs you are not only saving almost a $100, but you are also saving a lot of your time which you can invest into building you Amazon niche site. Not to mention the skills and knowledge you must have to even recognize a great niche.

If you don't know how to do niche research and you pick a wrong niche, all your other efforts to make money with Amazon affiliate program will go to waste. Don't let that happen to you - use one of AzonHacks' niche packs and be 100% sure you picked the right niche!

Choose your niche pack

It's time to choose your niche pack. Read carefully the info about each niche pack and select the Basic or Pro version if you would like to buy one. For more details about what's included in Basic and Pro packages please visit the top of this page.

*All data presented was like stated below on the day it was put for sale. For more info please check FAQ section at the bottom of this page.​

General niche: Tools & Home Improvement

Main KW search volume: 1600/mo

Keyword length: 3 words

SEO difficulty: 29/100

Products price: $150 - $250+

Amazon category: Tools

Amazon commission: 5.50%


General niche: Lawn / Garden

Main KW search volume: 8100/mo

Keyword length: 4 words

SEO difficulty: 27/100

Products price: $2000+

Amazon category: Lawn / Garden

Amazon commission: 8.00%


General niche: Lawn / Garden

Main KW search volume: 1642/mo

Keyword length: 3 words

SEO difficulty: 30/100

Products price: $150-$500+

Amazon category: Lawn / Garden

Amazon commission: 8.00%


General niche: Apparel, Jewelry & Luggage

Main KW search volume: 2359/mo

Keyword length: 3 words

SEO difficulty: 38/100

Products price: $100-$200+

Amazon category: Apparel, Jewelry & Luggage

Amazon commission: 7.00%


General niche: Home / Home Improvement

Main KW search volume: 12,109/mo

Keyword length: 5 words

SEO difficulty: 29/100

Products price: $100-$200+

Amazon category: Home / Home Improvement

Amazon commission: 8.00%


Stay tuned, more niche packs coming soon! If you want to be among the first to find out about new niche packages and get notified about it, make sure you subscribe on Azon Hacks newsletter below!


How to access your niche packs after purchase - IMPORTANT!

All niche packs are delivered through Google Drive. To be able to access your niche pack you will click on the link you will get after you make a payment and then click on Request access. After that we'll check if you paid for the product or not and grant you access to that niche pack folder in Google Drive. All that process will happen almost instantly, but sometimes it can take a few hours (we sleep too).

After that you will copy those files and folders to your Google Drive so that you can edit the files, sort them and manipulate them in any other way.​

FAQ - Your questions answered

If you have any questions or need any help please check the FAQ section below first and then, if you don't find the answer you are looking for, please use our contact page.

If 10 people buy the same niche pack, wouldn't that make us all competitors?


I checked seo difficulty and it's different than stated on this page, what's wrong?

can i get a refund?



***Azon Hacks (and Drazen Prastalo) are not saying anywhere nor promising any success with your niche site and niche packs you buy. We provide the data yes, but your success depends only on you, your skill-set, time and effort that you put into creating a successful Amazon affiliate business, together with many other factors. ***

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