1400+ Clicks and Counting with Missinglettr – The Low Cost Social Media Scheduling Tool

I am a big fan of anything that contributes to your traffic snowball, that doesn’t require a lot of effort to setup or maintain.

Snowballs thrive on small, but regular contributions, which gather momentum and size over time. Missinglettr does exactly that and can support the exposure of your articles for months after publishing.

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What Does Missinglettr Do?

When you publish a post, Missinglettr will scan the content and automatically organize your post into Social Media Campaigns.

It will then schedule 12 months worth of posts that will drip feed out to your Social Media Profiles at intervals of your choosing.

This is a very powerful way to continue pushing the exposure of your content for many months after they are published (and buried in your blog roll).

The compound effect of this as you publish tens or hundreds of posts can have a significant impact on the traffic coming back to your site, and will also continue to get your content in front of new readers.

As people like/shares/re-tweet your posts the word will continue to spread and you can hook in new fans that may come back again and again.

Missinglettr Integrations

Currently Missinglettr supports:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Google+

Further integrations are planned for the near future with Pinterest the next in line

Manual Social Media Management Sux!

Have you ever tried doing this?

Every day thousands of new Facebook pages and groups show up. Most start out with an enthusiastic owner posting a couple of times a day in the hope of attracting their new band of followers.

If you have the budget you may also throw some money at it to get your likes up to a respectable level and overcome that sound of crickets on your page.

But then one day you forget to add a post. Then you say that you will get around to it later. Weeks have gone by, no new posts and no engagement. Time to get back to it!!!! Then the cycle repeats.

Building a following is tough and requires a lot of persistence and consistency. In a lot of cases it could take years!

Unless this channel is core to your site’s growth strategy it will fall down the list of priorities. Just like it has for me many times.

So…. I automate it!


I was lucky enough to pick up a lifetime deal on AppSumo for less than $50. This was a cracker with up to 25 profiles allowed, and 10 new campaigns per week.

These deals are usually a one off so you will need to live with their regularly monthly pricing unfortunately. On the plus side is that if you are just starting out then the free plan may be enough to get you by.

I am always a big fan of software tools that you can use on a small scale for no cost so you can then decide if you like the tool, and whether it will actually benefit your site.

You cannot always achieve this in a free trial of 7-14 days like so many tools offer.

When you need to step up your usage the next tier is just $15 a month (at the time of writing). So very affordable for what it does.

Compared to more established tolls like Hootsuite, the price point is much easier to stomach for those who are just starting out.

Will Missinglettr Get You Site Visitors?

Throwing a bunch of posts out there will not necessarily lead to site visitors. You need the right kind of content to really gain traction on Social Media (Hint: Product reviews ain’t it).

How many click through’s you get will also be dependent on:

  • Number of Followers/Likes
  • Your headline
  • Whether the topic engages your audience - further likes/shares

These are things that I have not put any specific focus on, because SEO is my priority. This kind of easy Social Media exposure has still yielded some good results and I know that when the time comes to really step up my efforts here there is plenty of room for optimization.

Special Offer: Three Months of Missinglettr at 50% Off


News Website

A grand total of four Twitter followers!... Hey, I only registered an account when I bought this tool and have not been doing the work to build up those followers.

Sounds pathetic right?

But, over 1,000 clicks!

Missinglettr Dashboard

Not bad for a site that is of no specific niche and talks about general news stories.

It is also worth noting that the campaigns are mostly 14-30 days for this account as news topics go out of date very quickly.

Niche Site

This is an equally immature Twitter account, but it does have a few more followers due to my use of sharing to get on the radar of outreach targets before making initial contact.

Still, 40 followers is not very much.

In the same time frame, and with far fewer campaigns we have had 398 clicks.

Dashboard 2

I would expect the number if clicks to steadily increase as more campaigns are run, and the existing campaigns continue to drip feed posts.

Every new site visitor is a chance to convert someone to your email list, or your push notification list so you can keep them coming back to your site long term.

How Does it Work?

When you hit publish, your campaign will load in Missinglettr ready for your review.

auto generated campaign

You will then go through a three step process before your campaign will go live:

  1. Select your hashtags
  2. Review the content selected
  3. Schedule your campaign and approve


Select Your Hashtags

This is most relevant for Twitter, but you do also have the option of using Hashtags in your Facebook campaigns.

*shudders at people who use hashtags on Facebook*

The tool will prepare a list of the most popular hashtags.

You can select up to three of these, or add in your own. I would recommend deleting most of the suggestions and just adding in the most obvious hashtags you can think of.

Add Hashtags


Review Your Content

Here you will see your schedule for posts all the way up to 12 months. You can add and remove posts as you see fit.

You also have the option to edit the posts, add other pictures to go with the posts, or just go with the text only.

Remember that it is just a computer algorithm that selects what should go into these posts. So some will sound odd – change them!

If you open up the article and scan the content you can easily pull out phrases more suitable for a social media post in a few seconds. We have the advantage of a human brain, so be sure to use it for best results.

Often you can just shorten the post so it cuts off at the most intriguing point so it encourages the click through.

Given that Facebook does not have the character limits of Twitter, you may want to make these posts a different length. The interface allows you to edit each posting separately so you can take full advantage of this.

Edit Posts


Schedule Your Campaign

This is as simple as it sounds. Select the date you would like to start posting and you are done!

If you need posts to stop by a specific date you have this option too.

A feature that I also love is that you can have a VA do this whole thing for you, and then send it to you for review and approval. A massive time saver, and can get your social media on auto pilot.

Review and Schedule

Revive Your Older Blog Posts

You can of course apply the same process to all of your old blog posts.

Just click on the Add Blog Post button and enter the URL. Missinglettr will then pull all of the same data and prepare your post for you.

A great way to revive all of your older content and build some fast momentum with your SM accounts.

Revive Old Posts

What I Didn't Like

The tool was initially quite buggy with Facebook posting, and I logged in one day to find a string of ugly looking posts on the same topic that was just suffocating my page.

They have since fixed this up and the Facebook functionality has improved considerably.

Did I mention the ugly posts? The format of the auto generated word images I think are awful, and Facebook hate text heavy images.

The recently added option to customize the images will definitely help increase reach on these posts and also help maintain a nice looking FB/Twitter feed.

Thankfully, upgrades to this ugly auto image are on the way!

Templates coming soon

This is also a reflection of the developer’s commitment to improving the product. It was very one dimensional when I first started to use it (hence the awesome lifetime deal!) and they are constantly adding new features.

I am always on the lookout for promising tools that have low introductory pricing. You will usually be grandfathered in and retain that price for as long as you are subscribed.

I can see this tool becoming very advanced in the future and the price tag will have to increase to levels comparable with the more established players in the market.

So this remains a great chance to get on board at an affordable price.

missinglettr instructions

Final Word

This tool can save you a stack of time and get you exposure that you otherwise would never even think to take advantage of if you were posting manually. There would simply be too much to keep track of.

The results I have achieved have not been life changing, but are far from optimal in how I have chosen to execute so far. So an upper cut for me, but also a realization that I have an opportunity right under my nose to do better without requiring all that much effort.

If I put some more time into building the following, and customizing the images for these scheduled posts then I know I can get more people through to my site and give my traffic all through my site that extra push.

About the Author James Treloar

Corporate Debt Collector turned internet marketer. I run a successful portfolio of Amazon niche sites, an FBA business, and a content agency. The Amazon opportunity has been life changing for me, and is so big that there is enough room for everyone to carve out their niche. The hard part is getting started!

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Reece says April 2, 2018

Great review.

Hey James, we just launched SendPilot which offers much more accurate posts created using machine learning and natural language processing. This means we never cut snippets in half, and all of our posts are accurate and meaningful.

We’d love to hook you up with a premium account for a review!
Let me know at hello@sendpilot.co

    James Treloar says April 8, 2018

    Hi Reece,

    When we next look to upgrade and compare our tools we will keep you in mind. Looks like it could be a useful tool.

    Would prefer to use a paid account when the time comes so we can complete any reviews in a completely impartial setting. But I do appreciate the offer.

Robert Martin says April 20, 2018

This is a great review for social media tools. I have no idea about that. So, thanks for sharing. Is it any discount of this tools.

    James Treloar says May 20, 2018

    The introductory account is free to use.

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