Examples of Successful Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites – Part #1

The fastest way to success is to do what other successful people are already doing. You can learn from their already established processes and apply it to your own business; that way you’ll reach success much sooner than you think. The same rule applies for creating successful Amazon niche sites.

If you are just starting with Amazon niche sites and Amazon affiliate marketing in general, you probably need some inside look into successful Amazon affiliate niche sites.

Whoever does Amazon affiliate marketing successfully most likely won’t reveal his niche sites for obvious reasons. Imagine if you were making good money with Amazon Associates Program (like $1000+ per month), you wouldn’t want to share your website link with anyone because you would fear that someone would hijack your niche and up rank you.

Still, when starting with Amazon niche sites you want to see some good examples of successful niche sites, that’s why I decided to write this article in the first place.

Below you will see several Amazon niche sites which (IMHO) are probably making good money. I can’t be 100% sure, but if you follow the same guidelines I used to determine success (see full list below), I’m sure you’ll agree with me.

Amazon niche sites success parameters

This is just an assumption, but since we can’t get confirmation of earnings from website owners (feel free to share your niche sites / earnings in the comment area if you feel confident) we’ll need to go with our (my) gut and some logic and common sense.

Plus, some brainstorming and backward analysis.

The parameters I used to decide if the niche site is successful (profitable) are:

  • Website design – Although looks don’t equal conversion, we’ll assume that better-looking sites are performing better (better looking = custom logo, nice header, good menu, responsive etc.)
  • Rankings – I’ll check how well are they ranking for top keyword with the help of SEMrush tool
  • Content – How many pages are indexed in Google and how much content is on the website
  • Niche – Is it a good or bad niche? High priced products or low priced products? High demand or low demand?
  • Traffic volume – I used KWFinder for fast search of traffic volume
  • Other – Like premium plugins or some extra unique features
  • Earning potential – For Amazon affiliate earning potential I used AMAprofits calculator

Successful Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites

Below is a list of 5 websites (niche sites) I gathered after thorough research and after testing each site with above-mentioned success parameters.

I added a comment on each website and I also included few useful links (if available), like which WordPress theme and plugin is the website using, how many pages of content it has, what’s the main keyword it ranks for and similar.

I hope you’ll like it and find useful. Please let me know what you think in the comment area below.

Just take a look at this website and you’ll see how nice, professional looking it is. If I didn’t know better I would have thought it’s not an affiliate website, rather some really awesome and successful company selling drills. Talking about how to create a good authority niche website.

The home page is beautiful and removes any trust issues whatsoever. When you land on their homepage you just know you’ve come to the right place (at least that’s my first impression).

You are instantly presented with main product categories, buying info, best picks and about me section (about me section is most likely fake, though, but hey, it works).

When you check for other pages, you’ll see that there are 13 product reviews, spread across 5 main review categories. Those articles are money articles, filled with useful content and, of course, Amazon affiliate links.

Besides that there are 7 informational articles, meant to provide info and guides for people interested in these products, but don’t know what to choose. Those articles are not meant to sell, they are meant to inform a user and help them to pick the right product.

And finally, there’s Top Picks page where readers can find the best products (recommended by the author of the website) and jump right to the purchase.

Tools used on website

WordPress theme: Blue Collar – Handyman WordPress Theme

And that’s actually it. This theme obviously has everything you need within, without needing any other extra Amazon WordPress plugin.

I would maybe add Easy Azon plugin here, just to increase the earning potential, but other than that it’s fine. Sometimes KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) works really well, like in this case.

Success parameters evaluation

  • Website design – Flawless, niche related, beautiful, trustworthy, professional looking.
  • Content – 35 pages indexed in Google, 5 main review articles, 7 information articles and one Best buy guide. All in all good but it could have some more articles.
  • Niche – Cordless drills and similar, from $100 up to $300, so the earning potential is good, around $10-$20 per piece sold.
  • Traffic volume – Main keyword ‘best cordless drills’ has about 800 searches, while singular version ‘best cordless drill’ has 6600 searches, and I suspect that long tail keywords altogether may have about 40-50 thousand searches monthly, which is not bad at all.
  • Rankings – This website is not ranking very well for main keywords, it’s not on the first page on Google, but it is on the second page which is also good. There are also about 1500 more keywords this site ranks for.
  • Earning potential (monthly) - The earning potential for this website is really good, it can easily make $500-$1000 per month if not more, just needs some more backlinks and SEO work. How much does it really earns? I can’t tell for sure.

Similar alternative: Another good example in the same niche, which ranks even a bit higher for some keywords, but has a bit less appealing look is JustCordlessDrillReviews.com.


This one is actually one of my favorite Amazon niche sites. Mostly because that nice header showing people who enjoy the products this small niche site recommends, but also because it really has a good home page with lots of content (about 2500 words).
Also worth mentioning is that this website primarily targets UK market, which can be a good thing if there’s less competition. Owner is also using Easy Azon plugin to cover other countries like USA.

*Site owner has a few links here and there pointing to Amazon US and explaining that the content presented here (and tables) are primarily for UK market.

This website’s menu is pretty simple, there’s the usual Home, About, Contact and Privacy page and of course ‘Best picks’ page as the main money page (together with home page), plus ‘What is inflatable’ informational page and a blog page.
Where all that long tail keywords kick in are almost 20 dedicated review articles, easily accessed through the sidebar. For additional sales kick, there are also some useful maintenance and accessories product reviews (7 of them), plus 2 other similar inflatable products.

What I like here is how their content is structured – lots of nice images, links, headlines, different highlighting of important stuff and pricing tables, making it really easy for the reader to navigate through the page.
Is it profitable, successful? Sure seems so, but let’s take a closer look.

Tools used on website

WordPress theme: Stargazer

WordPress plugins:

Success parameters evaluation

  • Website design – This website uses a free WP theme which actually looks very nice, mostly because of unique but pretty header image. Everything is in a lot of colors, very well organized with lots of links and a sidebar filled up with reviews. I’d say it’s good.
  • Content – There are 56 pages indexed in Google which are obviously enough to get good targeted traffic from long tail keywords.
  • Niche – This niche is amazing, it has enough products to give potential buyers a good range to choose from, plus all the products are pretty expensive, from $300 to $1000, which makes a nice commission for each sale.
  • Traffic volume – It apparently gets around 3500 visits per month, from some highly used keywords, from which the main one has over 12k monthly searches.
  • Rankings – Looking at it on Google.co.uk this website ranks in 6th place for the main keyword which brings in over 12k monthly searches, plus it ranks on the first place for many other long tail keywords. Nice!
  • Earning potential (monthly) - Earning potential for this niche site is huge, it could be easily making over $2k, if not more.


Smart Monkey Fitness niche site is a bit different than the other sites listed in this article. Why?Because the owner of the website is listed by his real name and even a picture of him.

Since I started reviewing this website it has changed its design and owner, but it’s worth to mention that originally this was a simple website from a real guy who even showed his own picture in the sidebar and wrote all reviews by himself.

Still, that doesn’t change the fact how successful his former website still is, probably even more now with lots of new content added regularly.

Let’s take a closer look at the Smart Monkey Fitness website…

Just by hovering on menu items you’ll notice that there are a bunch of reviews available, like 40+ review articles linked straight from the menu – wow.

When you take a closer look at the content you’ll see that the new owner has spread the original fitness niche to sports and sports equipment. I’d say that’s a smart move because the website already ranked well so more articles should rank it for even more keywords. More content = more affiliate commissions.

The sidebar itself is simple, it just shows recent articles and an Amazon product widget which is fixed on the screen as you scroll. Another smart move.

Now let’s see what tools is Smart Monkey Fitness using and how profitable it really is.

Tools used on website

WordPress theme: Performag

WordPress plugins:

Success parameters evaluation

  • Website design – Simple design but nothing special, focused mostly on the content. Considering that they are using premium Performag theme for Thrive Themes, the website could look much better. However, when you look at review pages you’ll see they invested a lot of time styling it with Thrive Content Builder.
  • Content – There are 564 pages indexed in Google which is a TON! And new articles are added several times per week. They take their business seriously and are obviously investing a lot of time and money in content creation. The content itself is a mix of review articles and informational articles with no affiliate links.
  • Niche – It’s a sport and fitness niche, a wide area with lots of space and products (sports equipment and accessories) to cover. Products range from $50 to over $1000, which, I bet, brings them a nice chunk of commissions.
  • Traffic volume – Since there are so many pages indexed they get a minimum of 10 thousand visitors per month. It could be more or less, but I sincerely doubt it’s less than that.
  • Rankings – They are ranking for almost 12 thousand keywords!!! Of course not on the first page or first place, but with that much long tail keywords they have a bunch of great rankings, mostly for weight lifting equipment.
  • Earning potential (monthly) - Definitely a $1000+/mo website. If I would have to guess I’d say it may even be a $3000/mo website with all that content and review articles.


Speaking of niches, here’s a real targeted one. Not only is this a specific niche of shaving products, it’s targeted only towards women, which is visible straight from the domain name.

Epilator Girl website also has a personal touch because (presumably) the owner of the website is not hiding at all (hi Denisa) and is shown on the home page by picture and name.

With that kind of personal approach you get instant credibility in eyes of your visitors, and that certainly affects the click-through rates and sales.

But don’t be fooled, Denis (if that’s her real name) knows her Amazon affiliate marketing really well.

Right on the home page we have some sort of start here section, where Denisa directs visitors to her buying guides and product reviews. On top of that there are several Amazon product comparison tables and some more links to useful articles.

I may be wrong but I think her homepage is linking to every article published on her website. Not sure if that’s a good thing (information overload), but she is definitely making them to click-through somewhere.

The sidebar is simple, consisted of recent articles widget and a few banners pointing to best articles.

Now let’s take a look under the hood and see what exactly is powering this nice little niche site, while we also take a look at success parameters.

Tools used on website

WordPress theme: Splash

WordPress plugins:

Success parameters evaluation

  • Website design – Epilator Girl is using a premium theme called Splash. It looks simple and nice, with pink / white color palette perfectly suitable for girls and women. Although the website is not too modern looking it definitely matches that personal feeling, letting the visitor know there’s a real person behind all this and not some affiliate marketer or company.
  • Content – Content is written and styled again in a very simple way, just text, images and a couple of links. The articles are not too long either, that just proves the point that you don’t have to write 5000 words article to rank and convert, if you deliver the right message to your visitors they will appreciate it even with just 500 words. Also, 83 pages are currently indexed in Google.
  • Niche – It’s obviously a niche specifically targeting women’s shaving products. Product prices are ranging from $10 to $130 which isn’t that bad since I suspect there’s a higher demand for these kinds of products.
  • Traffic volume – SEMrush is reporting about 4000 visitors per month on Epilator Girl, but I suspect it’s a bit more since it ranks very well for some keywords.
  • Rankings – Epilator Girl ranks very well for some important keywords, not on a lot first positions, but a lot of 1st pages on Google.
  • Earning potential (monthly) - With some calculations I’ve come to a conclusion that this website makes between $300 and $800 per month. It of course depends on many factors, it could be even more than this.


For the end of the first part of this guide I am going to reveal one hell of a beast in terms of Amazon niche sites. When you first look at the website you won’t notice anything special, just a normal looking site, but it has a secret weapon, read about it below…

So Choose Wheels is a cleverly named website about all things that have wheels (dooh), and that included, at least in this case, all electrically powered things like electric skateboards, scooters, motorcycles and bikes.

The home page is short and simple, pointing you straight away to 5 main review guides.

One thing I hate on this website is the logo, but maybe that’s just me…

Back to important things… This website has about 20 normal (no affiliate links) articles / guides, about 30 reviews of individual products and then, 5 main review articles which are basically huge guides with comparison tables and all that stuff we affiliates use to lure our visitors to click and buy products on Amazon.

One interesting thing, I think that Choose Wheels even has a paid advertising banner in the sidebar. Are you slowly getting what that secret weapon I mentioned a while ago is all about?

Yes, it’s traffic! Choose Wheels is wildly popular websites with really a ton of traffic (compared to other normal Azon affiliate websites).

But I’ll get into specifics later, let’s see what kind of tools do they use to run Choose Wheels.

Tools used on website

WordPress theme: REhub

WordPress plugins:

Success parameters evaluation

  • Website design – Normal design, nothing special in it, highly visible dark menu. The sidebar is consisted of popular articles, latest comments and Amazon product widget. All in all nice looking website but not too modern.
  • Content – You won’t find articles over 2000 words on this website, they are of reasonable length with comparison tables and short product reviews.
  • Niche – This is actually a great niche since a lot of products cost over $500 and even over $1000. In short, everything that’s electrical and has wheels is on this website.
  • Traffic volume – Here comes the big secret weapon of this website – traffic. By SEMrush’s calculations this website gets over 60 000 organic visitors per month!!! Imagine that for a relatively small affiliate site 🙂
  • Rankings – All that traffic doesn’t come from the sky, whoever did SEO he (or she) nailed it. This website is sitting at the top for several crucial keywords and that’s why it gets so much traffic.
  • Earning potential (monthly) - I can almost bet that Choose Wheels makes at least $5000/mo. And if I would put all in, I’d say it may even make $10000/mo or more. Great products, great niche, great rankings and a ton of traffic, this is how you do it!

Wrapping it up

And there you go guys, this is the end of the first part of this successful Amazon niche sites series. So far I am planning to publish just a second part with another 5 websites, but depending on your interest and comments I may write a few more.

The main goal of this article was to motivate you, teach you something new, get your ideas rolling and to push you into making even better Azon niche sites.

Please share your comments and thoughts about this article below, and even recommend a successful niche site if you know one.

About the Author Drazen Prastalo

Successful affiliate marketer, pro blogger and online entrepreneur. Loves to write, watch movies and build niche websites. On its way to conquer Amazon and build highly profitable Azon niche sites.

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Paul says September 16, 2016

Well, as an amazon affiliate as well, I’ve really learnt a ton in this article most especially the first site you reviewed. I love the landing page and the way they build trust with first time visitors.

Thank you and hope to read more from you – would subscribe to your list so I can get updates

    Drazen Prastalo says September 16, 2016

    Hey Paul, thanks, I’m really glad you’ve learned something from this article 🙂

Abul Kalam Azad says September 16, 2016

Hi Drazen,

Thanks a zillion for the great post. It is the best post on Amazon Affiliate guideline I have ever read. Last night I read a 12k words blog post on this topic and discovered that I have just wasted 2 hours! But your post has given me something that I need to start a new site. Yeah, I am gonna launch a new Amazon Affiliate site mext month and you have just helped me with some valuable information.

I will be looking for next post. Hey, don’t keep us waiting!

Thank you once again.

    Drazen Prastalo says September 17, 2016

    You’re welcome Abul, happy to help 🙂

Mahbub Khan says September 17, 2016

Wonderful list. It’s really a hard work to compile and sort so much info. Thank you for that. I have a question, you 1st site is in 2nd page, then how much traffic it gets to convert them to buyers?

    Drazen Prastalo says September 17, 2016

    Rankings may have changed because I’ve reviews the first two websites few months ago, so maybe their possitions in the SERP changed by now. You can check SEMrush to see how much traffic does it get now. Regarding converting that traffic into buyers, it’s really hard to guess or predict.

Jared says September 17, 2016

I’ve learned alot but I am curious how you determined the theme and plugins these site use?

    Drazen Prastalo says September 17, 2016

    Hey Jared, I’m glad you did 🙂
    Finding themes and plugins used by some website is easy, just do this:
    Right mouse click -> View source -> CTRL+F or CMD+F on Macs, to show search box -> In search box write /themes/ to find the name of the theme, and /plugins/ or just plugins to see the names of all plugins used on the website.

Muhammad Imran says September 26, 2016

This is really an awesome article. Actually, I have a website on blogging stuff but I am planning to start a site on amazon affiliate marketing. These niche sites are awesome and I would follow these to build my site.
Thanks for sharing.

    Drazen Prastalo says September 26, 2016

    Thanks Muhammad, good luck with your blog and Amazon niche sites.

LT says October 9, 2016

Interesting selection of sites. I think I would personally only call a few of those sites “successful” though. Epliatorgirl and Choosewheels. The rest, mmm not so sure they earn what you estimate.

Fun to analyse though, thanks 🙂

    Drazen Prastalo says October 9, 2016

    Thanks for the comment LT, yeah it’s just an estimate, it would require a lot more in-depth research to truly prove that all websites listed are making some serious money. Even then, only website owners know how much money are they actually making 🙂

    But I did my best to evaluate and predict their earnings.

Aiden Carter says February 5, 2017

Hi Drazen Prastalo! I have learned something new today from your share. I’m also a New affiliate marketer with amazon. I got the rank for my site page#2 in google search result but now it in page#7. It’s very painful for me. Can you please advice me how to rank the site in google again?

    Drazen Prastalo says February 10, 2017

    Hi Aiden, I heard that Google rankings are being crazy lately, a lot of websites going up and down, maybe it’s just temporary, maybe not. Try to see if you can optimize your content even better and get some more backlinks.

Md Arif says March 3, 2017

Wonderful! I’m a new Amazon affiliate marketer. Now I’m researching about various kinds of amazon affiliate site. So, your article is so important for me.
Thanks a lot.

Gouri Shankar naik says August 13, 2017

Sir amazing article from you.I learnt a lot.please tell me affiliate website are approved by google AdSense or not

    James Treloar says August 27, 2017

    As long as you are compliant with the Adsense rules then you can place ads on affiliate sites.

    What you need to consider is how can you place them without affecting your CTR on your affiliate links. A low paying ad click could leave you worse off than if you had no ads at all. Best to test this to be sure.

Anna Martine says October 17, 2017

Finally, I have started doing research for keywords and niche on which I am going to do content prepration. Trying to implement your step by step guide on amazon to reach the top 10 slot. Hope it should work

Rizwan says November 20, 2017

Hi Drazen Prastalo,

Thank you so much for an informative article about Amazon Affiliate. Can you suggest me for a Multi niche website for Amazon Affiliate?

    James Treloar says November 26, 2017

    Don’t bother with Multi Niche. Pick one, get your site established, then branch out from there.

Kenneth says January 4, 2018

If you could give my website a look that would be great. I have also started branding and have my own apparel. Tell me what you think and if I can step anything up. I am working on the blog section.

Mee says January 8, 2018

Nice share for evaluate my site.

Alif Ann Noor says January 14, 2018

Hey Drazen,

I have learned 30% of total amazon affiliate through your guide. Thanks Man for providing valuable informative guide.

Marcus James says June 15, 2018

Love this!!! Have you done more affiliate reviews

Rushil says August 3, 2018

I really appreciate the efforts and hard work that has been put by you to give us a informational summary of current top Affiliate Sites. But as a beginner I find working with SEO and search engines ranking really tough as I look forward to starting my first amazon affiliate website.

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