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Side Hustle Site Building: How to Carve Out Your Business Time Budget

Building a liveable income from your affiliate sites takes time. Even with full time effort you are looking at 6-12 months before you will be banking a reasonable income, and longer to match what you could earn in a regular job. This timing makes it unrealistic for most people to decide they are going into affiliate […]

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Hosting Your Niche Site – Support, Speed and Value

It is good business to keep your overheads low when starting out creating niche sites. There are a number of shared hosting options out there that can set you up for your first site for less than $5 a month! Sounds like a great deal right? A lot of people have thought the same, jumped […]

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Niche site beginners

Expectations as a Niche Site Beginner: Get Your Head Right

Most people who build niche sites fail to make much money at all for their efforts. New affiliate marketers often start their journey with stars in their eyes after reading about four, five and six figure a month earnings reports from those who are many years ahead of them. Those lofty earnings expectations are enticing! […]

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How to Find a Perfect Domain for Amazon Affiliate Website + FREE Cheatsheet

Finding a great domain for your Amazon affiliate website can be a tedious task, often taking you several hours of your time and causing serious frustration. Let me show you the best ways to find a great Azon domain name quickly and save you some of your precious time. If you ever searched for a […]

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10 Best Free WordPress Themes for Amazon Niche Sites

Free WordPress themes these days look just as good as premium ones. You don’t need to spend a fortune to get that premium look for your niche website. Just pick one or more of the themes I am recommending below and you can start building your new Amazon affiliate site right away. If you are […]

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