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Expectations as a Niche Site Beginner: Get Your Head Right

Most people who build niche sites fail to make much money at all for their efforts. New affiliate marketers often start their journey with stars in their eyes after reading about four, five and six figure a month earnings reports from those who are many years ahead of them. Those lofty earnings expectations are enticing! […]

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Presenting: Azon Hacks Tools

Azon Hacks is not just a blog, it’s much more actually. An ever growing Amazon affiliate learning hub with an awesome set of online and free Amazon tools. Today you get to meet them all. If you are a long time Azon Hacks reader, subscriber or member of our Facebook group you are probably familiar […]

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Amazon Associates Commission Rates Changes 2017 Rumors – True or False?

Will March 1st, 2017 be the date of big changes for Amazon affiliates? Are your affiliate commissions going to drop or rise significantly? Are the rumors even true or this is just one big bad joke? We’ll find out soon. Until then, let’s see together what to expect. UPDATE: The rumors were true afterall, Amazon […]

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Writing Informational Articles – Research, Ideas & Writing Process

Why informational type of articles are important for your new Amazon niche site (especially if you are a beginner), where to get ideas for them, how to do proper research and finally, how to write them as quick as possible. I’ve noticed that many of you have trouble writing your own articles, at least the […]

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Amazon Niche Experiment – Update #1

This is the first update for my Amazon Niche Experiment announced a few months ago. Here you will learn some of the first steps I took after picking and deciding on the niche and be able to replicate my process. I’ll start this post with an apology, to all of you who were eagerly waiting for […]

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