Azon Product Finder is new favorite tool of every Amazon affiliate out there. No more hours spent on researching, creating spreadsheets, managing and filtering products, you can do it all almost instantly now. Check the main benefits of Azon Product Finder below:

  • Load & browse through hundreds of Amazon products in seconds
  • Sort products by price, number of reviews, ratings and more
  • Filter products by price, nr. of reviews, ratings and more
  • Use "zoom" feature to preview product details
  • Instant image preview by hovering over product link
  • Export all or selected products to .csv
  • 100% FREE for all AzonHacks subscribers!

top Azon Product Finder features


It takes about 20 seconds for Azon Product Finder to load *100+ products. That means you can load 300+ products within just 1 minute, over 500 products in about 3 minutes and over 1000 products under just 6 minutes!

​This is the fastest, free, cloud based Amazon product research tool in the world, built with Amazon affiliates in mind.

*Depending on the product and Amazon listings some search results may show less than 100 products per batch.


Azon Product Finder shows results exactly as they are shown on website, sorted by relevancy. That means you won't miss any important products and you will get the same data as if you were searching for products on Amazon itself.

Currently Azon Product Finder works only for, other Amazon worldwide online stores aren't available - yet!


The main "power" of Azon Product Finder is its ability to show and filter products by number of reviews. There are just a few paid software that do that and even less free ones. Heck, even won't let you sort & filter its products by number of reviews.

With Azon Product Finder you can sort and filter products any way you like and easily find the best ones to use on your Amazon niche sites.

For example: Show only products with ratings over 3.8, price of $137 and higher, and​ with minimum of 55 reviews. Or any other combo you want 🙂

FEW WORDS FROM Azon Product Finder USERS

Azon Product Finder made me highly productive the very next day it was introduced to me. Rather than messing up with the filters going to Amazon, this is a no B.S tool to get all the filtered results in one shot. It's a must have 'bookmark' for all AMZ bloggers out there.

Akshay Hallur

It used to take hours for me to analyze what products to promote for my Amazon niche sites. This decision is a crucial one because if you choose the wrong products, you will end up losing money. A Big thanks to Mr. Drazen as Azon Product Finder tool will be making my life easy from now on. Seriously, I couldn’t imagine this being FREE!

Pulak Fahid Hasan Amazon Affiliate Marketer

Keyword pack worth every penny!

First of all, I'd like to thank you for providing such a great keyword pack (Basic). Main keyword competition is low which means the site can easily rank. You also provided 200+ related keywords that are more than worth $30.

The way you provided your keyword list is nice, and I think those who buy your Basic package would not need to spend times on extensive analysis as you already did it. Product price range is $100+ so; that brings a good commission.

Creating a niche site is so easy, but the number one crucial part is keyword research which takes lots of time, tools and knowledge. Your package can easily beat the critical part, and get time to focus on content writing and promotion. I believe this Basic keyword package is worth every penny.

Rezaul Hasan Mehedi Affiliate Marketer

Unearthing brandable 2 word domain names!

There are so many domain finders online. What makes this tool stand out? Unearthing brandable 2 word domain names! All you have to do is type a single keyword (your super broad niche), Toys for example, and you're going to see all available 2 word domain names. Makes life easier not just for an Amazon affiliate marketer, but for everyone.

Lakshmi Narayanan - Sampath Growth Hacking Consultant

This is the best domain finder tool I have ever seen!

You want to create a website but don’t know that which domain name you should select? If you want to select a best domain name which is not registered yet then you have to search on a specific topic on a domain finder tool to get some idea. To get the best results you can use “Azon Domain Finder” tool. This is the best domain finder tool I have ever seen! Just search on a specific topic in this tool, it will provide you a ton of domain names.

Mehedi Hasan Amazon Affiliate Marketer

This niche pack saved me loads of time!

Getting this Basic niche pack from Drazen saved me loads of time. Keyword research, in general, is extremely time-consuming but now that I can get it all up front with a lot of well-researched buying intended and long tail keywords for a seemingly common kitchen product that I didn´t know existed!

Not only that but he even pointed me to a FREE affiliate WordPress theme!! Totally DFY niche research and at a bargain - will buy again 🙂

David Hansson Affiliate Marketer

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