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People search for a lot of things on Amazon, just as they do on Google. And when a lot of people search for the same thing over and over again, just as shown on Google, Amazon shows automated suggestions when you start typing, to save you time and speed up your product research.

These autosuggested keywords are a goldmine for every Amazon affiliate because they give you instant insights to most popular searches, quickly showing you a lot of keywords you might miss otherwise. Those keywords, if included in your articles, can help your articles to rank better and increase your click-through rates, which will again lead to even more sales (ie. more Amazon commissions​).

Azon Keyword Finder almost instantly shows you over one hundred keywords related to your main keyword and give you a ton of new ideas for your articles.​

#2 - view products on amazon for each keyword

After your keywords start showing in front of you, you'll notice a link next to each keyword titled See Products.

By clicking on that link an Amazon search results window will open up in a new tab showing you all the products for that keyword. That way you can quickly make sure if the products are good or not, and do they suit your niche or article by looking at the range of products, their price and popularity.​

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