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Side Hustle Site Building: How to Carve Out Your Business Time Budget

Building a liveable income from your affiliate sites takes time. Even with full time effort you are looking at 6-12 months before you will be banking a reasonable income, and longer to match what you could earn in a regular job. This timing makes it unrealistic for most people to decide they are going into affiliate […]

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Failed Website Purchase – My $48,000 Mistake!

I have never been one to get too emotional over money. I have always viewed it mostly as a tool to get things done, one of many. A personality flaw that is linked to money though is that I have always felt that it is a measure of success.  Losing it in a great quantity […]

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1400+ Clicks and Counting with Missinglettr – The Low Cost Social Media Scheduling Tool

I am a big fan of anything that contributes to your traffic snowball, that doesn’t require a lot of effort to setup or maintain.Snowballs thrive on small, but regular contributions, which gather momentum and size over time. Missinglettr does exactly that and can support the exposure of your articles for months after publishing.Special Offer: Three […]

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push notifications for niche site

How to Setup Push Notifications for your Niche Site Using OneSignal

If you are looking to build a following for your niche site then the latest tool to add to your arsenal are push notifications. I have only recently come to my senses and installed this on all of my sites.  The subscriber growth has been significant enough for me to beat myself up for not […]

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Hosting Your Niche Site – Support, Speed and Value

It is good business to keep your overheads low when starting out creating niche sites. There are a number of shared hosting options out there that can set you up for your first site for less than $5 a month! Sounds like a great deal right? A lot of people have thought the same, jumped […]

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