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Black Friday 2016 – Deals for Amazon Affiliates

This is probably the most exciting time of the year for all Amazon affiliates. It’s the time when people spend the most money on Amazon in a year, and in the same time Amazon affiliates make the most commissions. Yes, it’s Black Friday time!

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Amazon Niche Experiment Announcement

Let’s put all the Amazon niche talk into practice and see exactly what works and how effective every tactic out there actually is. I’ll put two Amazon niche sites against each other and write my progress on AzonHacks. Follow my Amazon affiliate journey here. I’m so happy and so excited to announce this Amazon niche […]

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Amazon Keyword Research & Niche Validation Guide

Good Amazon niches are all around us, but to make sure you can make a profitable niche website with them, you need to perform a specific keyword research and niche validation. In this guide I’m going to teach you exactly how to do that so that you can start your Azon journey with success. In […]

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Amazon Niche Research Ultimate Guide – Find 100+ Niches Easily

Finding a great niche for your upcoming Amazon niche website is the most important step in your Amazon affiliate journey. If you do this right you’ll have a lot better chance of ranking your websites in Google and making some hefty commissions. Niche research is fun when you know where to find some gold nuggets, […]

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Examples of Successful Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites – Part #1

The fastest way to success is to do what other successful people are already doing. You can learn from their already established processes and apply it to your own business. That way you’ll reach success much sooner than you think. The same applies for creating successful Amazon niche sites.

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