Amazon Niche Research Ultimate Guide – Find 100+ Niches Easily

Finding a great niche for your upcoming Amazon niche website is the most important step in your Amazon affiliate journey. If you do this right you’ll have a lot better chance of ranking your websites in Google and making some hefty commissions.

Niche research is fun when you know where to find some gold nuggets, it’s almost addictive. For every niche you find you must first make sure if it’s profitable and somewhat easy to rank with your SEO skills (or money you have to invest in paid SEO services).

Because I know a lot of you struggle with just finding niches at all, let alone validating them, I decided to make this guide to show you just how easy is to spot them, if you know where to look.

In my next article I will explain how to validate the niche and make sure it’s profitable and easy to rank, but today I am just going to show you where to search and find 100+ Amazon niche as fast as possible.

Where to find good Amazon niches


A lot of Amazon affiliates, including me, will say to you that niches are everywhere around us, and that’s absolutely true. However, that’s not really specific, and not all niches (products) around us are potentially good Amazon niches or easy to make money with.

You have to know what you are looking for and you have to make sure those niches are being searched on Google (1000+/mo search volume) and that they include buyer intent keywords in order to create successful Amazon niche site in the future.

For all that validation I use KWFinder to make sure the niche I’ve just found is good enough, but I’ll explain all that in my upcoming Amazon keyword research and validation article.

Now, let’s see where exactly are all those good niches hiding…

Automated niche research

This method is for the laziest future affiliates out there. You are just required to click and collect the data, that’s it.

Lucky for us all, there are some smart people who have built the tools to help us all find Amazon niche with literally just point and click of your mouse.

Let me introduce you with those amazing tools…

Niche Wolf

Niche Wolf is a niche idea generator where you just click on “Suggest niche” link and it generates niches in front of you in a matter of seconds.

Each niche shows search volume and difficulty (although not too specific, just High, Medium, Low) so that you can know instantly is the niche even worth pursuing or further investigating.


Niche Wolf has a free Basic plan which suggests you 25 niches per day, and a Pro plan where it suggests 250 niche ideas per day.

Best thing is, Pro plan costs just $25 for a lifetime access, it’s really a bargain, I suggest that you check it out.


This is one really amazing tool. AmzNicheFinder, just like Niche Wolf above, helps you find a good niche for you upcoming Azon niche site, but, it does things a little differently.

I suspect that this tool was initially made to help future Amazon sellers find a good niche to get into by researching products and sales, but no one is stopping us to use it for Amazon affiliate niche researching.

So this is how AmzNicheFinder works…

You are presented with a total of 20 main Amazon categories in the left sidebar, and your step is to click on any of the given categories.

When you click on a category you will get a list of subcategories within that main category showing you all sorts of useful info, like Best seller rank, Average estimated sales per month, Number of products within give sub-category, Average product price, Average number of product reviews, Average product rating and more!


This is awesome because you can quickly discover some important factors about that specific subcategory, see how many products are there, what’s the average price and how many sales is the niche getting, which is all really important to understand if the niche has potential or not.

AmzNicheFinder is free to use with limited results, and if you want more it’s just $19/mo to discover over 20 thousand possible niches with just a few clicks.


And here’s a product I’m sure many of you have heard about. AmaSuite is a complete set of tools for both Amazon affiliates and sellers. Not only that, there’s even Amazon affiliate training course included in the package. I won’t even start mentioning all the other bonuses, WordPress plugins and other tools you get, it’s really one complete Amazon affiliate product package.

For Amazon niche research I like to use two products from AmaSuite, called Azon Top 100 Analyzer and Azon Keyword Generator.

It’s really easy to get a ton, like literally hundreds of niche ideas with these two tools. Let me explain to you quickly how exactly to accomplish that.

Note that I haven’t spent too much time with Amasuite products since I just got it, but within 5 minutes of using it I am already seeing how powerful it is. You can expect a full AmaSuite review in the near future.

Azon Top 100 Analyzer

AmaSuite Azon Top 100 Analyzer

So, first tool is Azon Top 100 Analyzer. This is how I use it to get hundreds of niche ideas.

I select Amazon website (.com or, but usually I go with .com), and a data source (which can be Best sellers, Hot new releases, Movers and shakers, Most wished for and Most gifted – I usually go with Best sellers).

After that you only need to select Amazon category and subcategory. And here’s the trick I use… Since you don’t know which sub-category is the best (and there’s so many of them), just choose the main category (about 30 of them in total) and click the green arrow button to start working.

What this will do is show you top 100 products in that category, the product price, commission you get, average rating etc. For this example I chose Kitchen category and it listed 100 products of which many I’ve heard for the first time and would never remember to look at. All that within 1 minute and a few clicks. Neat ha? 🙂

Azon Keyword Generator


This tool is really fun. All you need to do is type in your seed keyword and run the tool to get hundreds or even thousands of keywords.

How will this help you find your Amazon niche you ask? Simple, you just input one of the main Amazon categories or subcategories and watch the keywords appear in front of your eyes.

Again I tried with “kitchen” as my seed keyword and got over 300 keywords. You can then export those keywords in a .csv file, and put some buyer intent words in front of it like “best”, and import those keywords in keyword research tools like KWFinder to see how they perform on Google. 🙂

And that’s it. Make sure to check AmaSuite, it’s a paid product but you really get a ton of value, and they have several payment plans for those of you on a budget.

“Stealing” Amazon niches from marketplaces

If clicking on niche idea generators is still too hard for you, let me make it even simpler.

With this method you can easily find 50-100 amazing Amazon niches within the next hour or so, it’s that good as you’ll see in a minute.

Method 1 – Flippa

The first method involves a website called Flippa. I got this idea from Lewis Ogden who wrote about it on Cloud Income and Matthew Woodward in a lot of details, but I’ll keep it short and simple for you.

Flippa is an online marketplace for websites and domains. People often sell their niche sites over there for a lot of money, and a lot of those websites are Amazon affiliate websites. In other words, if they are selling it or already sold it for thousands of dollars the niche they used must be really good, right? Right.

So, go over to -> Click on Websites -> Click on Advanced search from the top menu.

In Advanced Search window choose these parameters (skip all the rest not mentioned below):

  • Listing format: All
  • Property type: Website
  • Auction status: Won listings
  • Age: Between 12 months old and unlimited (leave blank)
  • Revenue: $100 and unlimited (leave blank)
  • Revenue sources: From affiliates


Click on Search Listings and enjoy. 🙂

Now all you need to do is check the names of the websites (website domain) and recognize Amazon niche sites. You’ll see them easily if there are words like “best” or “reviews” in it, and also if there’s some kind of product type (for example: kitchen faucets) mentioned in the URL.

All you need is time browsing through all the listings and you can easily find 50-100 great Amazon niches.

Method 2 – Pre-made niche website sellers

I hope Dom Wells won’t be made for mentioning his website, but since he made all of it so public it’s just too good not to be mentioned.

Dom Wells is a guy behind Human Proof Designs company where they sell complete niche websites. You just lay down the money and you get a complete website made for you. If you have money and don’t have the time to do it all on your own, I sincerely recommend Dom’s service, he is one of the best in the industry and a lot of people are recommending him.

Made For You Amazon Niche Sites

Ok, so this method is really, really simple. All you need to do is go to All Sites page from Human Proof Designs and look for websites with word “Amazon” beneath the picture. That means that the website made is an Amazon affiliate website.

And every niche is clearly visible so you can check it out and start building your own website in that niche if you want. All you need to do is choose. 🙂

P.S. For even more ideas check their keyword packs too.

Other methods

There’s also another website marketplace called Empire Flippers where you can use the same tactics. Although, over there they don’t reveal exact niches, but you can get at least a general niche idea (for example, you’ll see that website was in the fitness niche and they sell exercising equipment, but you’ll need to do some more research manually to find which products are the best.

Find Amazon niches on Amazon (duh)

Did you know that you can find great Amazon niches on…Amazon! 🙂 Yes, of course you knew that, but let me show you a few tricks on how to speed up your browsing through Amazon’s huge amount of categories and subcategories.

Basically on Amazon whatever product you pick is possibly a good niche. But it’s so many of them that you don’t know (me either) where to look and soon you’ll probably give up because of information overload.


Here are few Amazon pages that might help you find good niches:

  • Best Sellers page (UK version) – Here you can easily see which products are best sellers in any given category. If it’s selling good means that people are buying, which means people are searching for it, which means there’s a good chance for you to make some money.
  • Gift Finder page – This page will suggest best gifts for men, women, and children. Note that there are a lot of cheap products listed, but a little digging could help you find a good niche.
  • Site Directory page – Don’t you just hate that Amazon’s clunky category sidebar? I sure do. Luckily this page shows you a lot of categories nicely listed.
  • Hot New releases page – As the name says, on this page you can discover new products recently released on Amazon.
  • Movers & Shakers page – On this page you can find the products with most sales over the past 24h (updated hourly).
  • Most Wished For page – This page contains products that are most often added to wishlists by users.
  • Most Gifted page – Most popular products ordered as gifts. Keep an eye on this page during Christmas time.

Everything is on Amazon, every niche you are looking to find on other sites is on Amazon already, you just have to find it. It takes time but it’s there. Hope these few links above will help you a bit.

You can also check category pages on a few other biggest online marketplaces in the world like eBay, AliExpress and AliBaba.

Other websites for niche ideas and research


If all these methods above are not enough let me give you a few more.

Below listed websites are the best ones I could find to allow fastest niche research possible.


As most of you know Reddit is one of the world’s most visited websites, completely managed and created by its users (content wise) who gather in subreddits to talk about their mutual passions or just to discuss about topics they love or like.

People who are passionate about something think more with their emotions than with their heads, that’s what makes them perfect buyers. Find a niche which customers are passionate about it and you’ve found yourself a goldmine.

On SnoopSnoo website you can check subreddits in user-friendly presented categories and subcategories. You just need to check them out more closely and I guarantee that you will find some good niches in there.


One of the largest classified ads websites in the world (or in the US at least), Craigslist will give you another ton of niche ideas.

What I like to do is check the “for sale” category and its subcategories. Just dive in and observe. People are selling so many things, it’s really hard not to spot interesting niches really quickly.

Consumer Reports

Now this is just beautiful… Consumer Reports is a website which reviews products, just like you will, but on a much larger scale.

Be sure that they don’t just review any products, they pick their products and niches carefully. So why wouldn’t you help yourself with some of their niches?

Just visit their product index and have fun 🙂

Best Reviews

Best Reviews is another website, similar to Consumer Reports, where it’s stupidly easy to find some good Amazon niches.

Just visit their homepage, scroll a bit down and you’ll see their categories and products they’ve reviewed. Every single product is a potential Amazon niche website goldmine.

The Wire Cutter

This is another review-style website which is filled with niche ideas. Just visit The Wire Cutter website and check the articles, you’ll instantly see dozens of niches, many of them actually really good.

SEMrush spy trick

Here’s a neat trick you can use to find best niches in some of  the top review websites like Best Reviews or The Wire Cutter with SEMrush marketing tool.

You simply visit SEMrush, enter one of two websites mentioned above (or, add your own) and click the Search button. Now, in the left menu click on Organic Research and when that window loads you’ll be able to see search/filter and Advanced Filters options. Note that you need to be a paid SEMrush user to be able to access that.

When you access advanced filter options you can use one of these two settings:

  • “include keywords that begin with ‘best’ “
  • “include keywords that end with ‘reviews’ “

That way you will quickly find pages that are actively targeting product review terms.

Do It Yourself

This website is awesome, a great way to learn how to do something on your own. And also a great place to find some nice Amazon niches.

A lot of these DIY projects involve some kind of products, and you guessed it right, those products are your potential Amazon niches.

Check it out and spend few minutes going through categories, I promise you’ll find a lot of good niches.

The Chive

Those of you who know about The Chive are probably thinking whaaaat, how can you possibly find any niche in there? 🙂

The Chive is a website with a lot of funny things and a lot of beautiful girls and women, mostly presenting their “articles” in image format.

But, between all that funny and sexy posts, there’s a category called Want vs Need where they publish articles (among others) called Shut Up And Take My Money. In those articles they share a lot of cool real life products and gadgets wich may give you some nice niche ideas.

Just don’t get distracted by all those beautiful girls :p

Don’t forget about this niche generator


That’s right, you’re one of the best niche idea generators in the world.

For the first Azon niche site choose a niche that you have at least some passion and love for – if you can find such niche and validate it (make sure it’s profitable and possible to rank).

Think about and write about things you love, like, know about, do for fun and/or profit, things that interest you.

Take a look around you while you are in your apartment, what things do you see? What things do you have on your working table, in your living room, garage?

Watch people around you, what are they doing, what are they wearing, what tools are they using, what do they do for fun?

Think about other people’s hobbies and passion, you’ll be surprised how much money hobbyists will spend on their passion. They’ll drop hundreds or thousands of dollars without blinking because it gives them joy and makes them happy.

The same goes for people with some kind of problems. Find people’s pains and then find products that help people get rid of that pain or problem.

Think locally, what kind of things you can easily buy in your local store? For example, garden equipment, you probably won’t look for it online if you can get it nearby. But if you need to buy a fishing kayak where will you look? On Google, that’s right.

Wrapping it up

No more excuses guys. No more oh, I can’t find a niche, I don’t know how to do it, this is so hard and similar bullshit. I laid it all down for you, with these tips above you can literally find hundreds, if not thousands, of niches you can use to build your first or second or 100th Azon niche website.

I suggest that you keep a file, a Google Spreadsheet or something with all niches you find interesting or that might have a potential to become profitable.

In my next article I will show you how to validate a niche, make sure it’s a profitable Amazon niche with lots of search volume and easy to rank.

How or where do you find you Amazon niches? Share your experience in the comments.

Until next time, happy niche hunting 🙂

About the Author Drazen Prastalo

Successful affiliate marketer, pro blogger and online entrepreneur. Loves to write, watch movies and build niche websites. On its way to conquer Amazon and build highly profitable Azon niche sites.

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This really was an awesome article, cheers

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Lewis Ogden says October 7, 2016

Nice article Drazon, just came across it in my Facebook Group (good way to get fresh eyes on your content!)

I’m glad you liked my method of using Flippa and thanks for including it in this guide.

– Lewis

    Drazen Prastalo says October 7, 2016

    Thank you Lewis, your Flippa method is amazing btw, I’ve found dozens of great niches with it and just had to include it. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Dominic Wells says October 7, 2016

Thanks for the mention/recommendation, and great article. We got a few ideas from this as well. We thought about hiding our niche offerings and making people subscribe in order to see them, but then our email list would just be full of people window shopping. Glad that we’re benefitting people even if they aren’t in the mood for buying something though!

    Drazen Prastalo says October 7, 2016

    You’re welcome Dominic, and thank you for keeping your niches publicly visible, that means a lot to many people who are just starting with (Amazon) affiliate marketing. I’m also glad you got some new niche research ideas from this article, it turned out to be a win-win situation for both of us 🙂

    Donfelix says November 20, 2016

    Great point Dom,
    filtering is really a big determinant of list quality.
    Thanks a lot Drazon for this resourceful guide.

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Great post. Very detailed and straight to the point.

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Jobin Asom says October 12, 2016

Really helpful guide for me. I did not knew most of the methods mentioned here.

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Thanks for mentioning Nichewolf! I hope it helps some of you generate some really great niches. Great article, by the way.

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Smart writer & successful affiliate marketar . Enough idea amazon & niche sight

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Sowjanya says December 21, 2016

Great post, Already using Kwfinder for searching keywords and checking SEO difficulty.

From past 10days checking the website not opening. Please do check and update your post.


    Drazen Prastalo says December 22, 2016

    Yeah, something is up with that website, sometimes it’s working, sometimes not. Thanks for letting me know.

syed farooq basha says January 6, 2017

Excellent and superb post. I want “Azon Top 100 analyzer and Azon keyword generator ”
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Abhishek Kalra says January 7, 2017

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    Drazen Prastalo says January 7, 2017

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Evrar says August 9, 2017

With some good SEO knowledge I’ve decided to start amazon affiliate and start researching for a few profitable niche. Finding a niche, getting competitors result etc all I have to do in free since I have a tight budget. Though I’m researching, can you suggest me some study that explain how to check competitors result, keyword difficulty, what to look in first page websites list etc in free way?

Thanks in advance

    James Treloar says August 27, 2017

    Keep an eye out for the free niche selection course that is coming soon. Probably a couple of weeks away though.

    This will include some info on both paid and free tools you can use to get the job done. The paid tools are a real time saver though and provide very powerful info.

Usman says August 10, 2017

Thats quite a detailed article…totally appreciate your effort for this. I’m using Azon Keywords generator to find the new ideas for my listings. For the Amazon niche research I’m using this tool I’d say worth adding in your list as estimated sales help to analyze a niche better. The good side is it also helps in tracking the listing data.

Looking for more stuff from you. Thanks

Laurie Loehr says March 13, 2018

What I dont understand (I know nothing about seo, etc.) is why this article is on the first page of Google and not that old but yet a lot of links on here don’t even exist.. It seemed like it would have all the info I had been looking for with great resources and then when you click on the links none of them are even valid… frustrating.. Just seems like if it ranks that high on Google that you would pay attention to the content, that it was valid or something…btw, I do admit that I gave up after the first several links were invalid but maybe further down the article they actually went somewhere..

    James Treloar says April 8, 2018

    Links look ok to me…. Are any still not working for you?

Cheefoo says May 13, 2018

Thanks for the great content. I am wondering why niche websites are selling if they are fetching good consistent income?

    James Treloar says May 20, 2018

    Lots of reasons. Some people like building sites, and get bored when they peak. Others want to cash out and buy a house – or something in the offline world. It is a way of bringing forward future earnings to roll into more sites, and remove risk.

    … just to name a few.

Shah Jahan says June 20, 2018

I was feeling information overloaded and was looking for some steps to start with. So late but luckily got my eyes on your blog post, and found it really helpful, going to find new niches for my amazon niche sites, thank you Drazen.

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