Amazon Niche Experiment – Update #1

This is the first update for my Amazon Niche Experiment announced a few months ago. Here you will learn some of the first steps I took after picking and deciding on the niche and be able to replicate my process.

I’ll start this post with an apology, to all of you who were eagerly waiting for the first update on my Azon Niche Experiment. Unfortunately, some other things got in the way and before I realized 2 months have passed.

As you know I’ve been working on some free Amazon tools for you guys, Azon Product Finder and Azon Domain Finder, which took longer than expected. But I think it was worth it since these two tools will save us all so much time.

Now let’s see what’s going on with those two niches I picked for my Amazon affiliate sites.

Niche Site A – Update #1

niche-a-professorI’m sure you forgot by now so please take a look at the original Amazon Niche Experiment article to better understand what these two niches are all about.

SEO Difficulty changes

The bad thing about niche A is that it’s SEO difficulty score changed from initial 24 to 35 (according to KWFinder). That is still manageable, but keep in mind that all those easy to rank niches you find today may be a bit more competitive few months later. Long story short – don’t wait like me, start working TODAY!


P.S. Niche Site B also got an interesting SEO difficulty score change, you’ll be surprised. See more details in the next chapter about Niche Site B.

WordPress Theme, Plugins and domain name

wordpress-iconsFor this website, as some of Azon Hacks subscribers now, I’ve chosen a free WordPress theme which I actually recommend, because I personally like it.

It’s called Codilight Lite. Nice, clean, good navigation bar and good fonts. I’ve adjusted it a bit, made the content area a bit wider and I think it will look great for my niche site.

I managed to find nice, 5-letter long, brandable .com domain for it, and it works like a charm.

Need cool domains? Find them with Azon Domain Finder (yes, shameless promotion).

Regarding my logo… I think I’ve spent an hour or two trying to make a nice looking logo, but nothing good came up. Since I don’t like wasting time I decided to completely ditch that idea and just use a text-like logo (in other words, no real logo).

You need to keep one thing in mind. When you start your website, no one is going to see it. And when you start getting traffic no one will care about your logo. So if you don’t have a logo or don’t know how to make one, just go with the text version. When you start making money and getting traffic then feel free to make your site pretty with a fancy logo.

Now, the WP plugins…

Like I said, this website will completely be built with free plugins and free WP theme.

This is a list of free WP plugins I plan on using:

Informational and review articles plan

amazon-online-articlesThis particular keyword (or niche) I choose for my Niche A, is actually just one set of products/niches, part of a larger niche.

I plan to cover them all was thinking of doing it from the start but I changed my mind in the meantime, here’s why…

For your niche site to be able to pass Amazon manual review it must have some other than review kind of articles – informational articles. So if I write 2-3 review articles I’ll make sure that I have at least 5 more informational articles where I am not actually selling anything.

To be able to do that for every sub-niche in Niche A I would need to write A LOT of articles. That’s why I decided to ditch that idea and concentrate on just that main product first. Write a few review articles around it and few more informational articles.

After I cover that I’ll move to other related products. I suggest you to do the same if you are just starting out.

Just a reminder, for Niche Site A I will personally write all articles.

Products I’ll promote

amazon-packaging-boxWith the help of Azon Product Finder I managed to find great products which will be perfect for my review articles.

One review article will be “best products” in general, no matter the price, based on a number of reviews and ratings they got.

Next review articles will concentrate around “best products for kids” in that niche and maybe one more review article for “best products for professionals or serious hobbyists”.

Based on some keywords research from KWFinder and Ahrefs I’ll decide which kind of reviews to cover first and which keywords will I include in each article, as well as how will my titles be written.

Niche Site B – Update #1

niche-b-professorThis is my “bad boy” niche site where I will do everything premium – pay for the content, themes, plugins and even backlinks.

Let’s see how exactly will I do it this time.

SEO Difficulty changes

This is really interesting and surprising at the same time. Back in October 2016 when I announced this experiment this keyword had the SEO keyword difficulty of 38. Which was ok since it has a decent traffic (about 3500 visits per month in average).

Now, this same keyword has an SEO difficulty of just 27! How crazy is that?

This is just another example for you to remember that KC, KD, SEO difficulty or however you want to call is not a static value and can change much faster than you think.


A few months from now your niche can be much harder to conquer, but it may also be much easier, you never know what will Google do.

WordPress Theme, Plugins and domain name

wordpress-iconsInitially, I decided to used Ultimate Azon Theme because I heard so many good things about it. Heck, I even bought it. But when I installed it I realized I’ll need to go through its documentation to learn how to use it and which option does what.

That is the time I just don’t have at the moment. Not saying this theme is bad nor anything, I just decided to go with something familiar this time. You can also expect Ultimate Azon Theme review on Azon Hacks. I’m sure when I take some time to learn how to use it (and will pass that knowledge to you as well) I’m gonna use it on one of my next niche sites.

Long story short, I decided to go with Thrive Themes, probably their Focus Blog theme, and of course their Thrive Content Builder plugin as well. If you want it I suggest taking their membership deal which will give you instant access to all themes and plugins made by Thrive.

For plugins, I plan to use a set of both free and premium WordPress plugins, and those will be:

Regarding my chosen domain name, well, I don’t actually like it very much honestly. But still going to use it. Although I plan to build a small niche site it’s still a brandable domain, and I plan to prove that even with a sort of bad name you can make money out of your niche sites.

Informational and review articles plan

amazon-online-articlesCompared to Niche Site A this is going to be a lot easier job since there aren’t that many products for this particular niche.

I will outsource all the articles, just going to prepare the titles/theme of each article.

They will indeed be classic review articles, but since the niche is not that big I’m going to make a few twists and make some unconventional review articles.

For example, instead of just creating an article about “best cordless drills” I’ll do something like “5 Things you can repair in your house quickly with a cordless drill” and smartly squeeze affiliate links in there.

This niche might be a bit challenging for informational articles so I’ll have to be creative, maybe use some history facts, put an FAQ section, a buying guide, YouTube videos and stuff like that.

Products I’ll promote

amazon-packaging-boxThese products aren’t cheap and I can’t wait to start promoting them. As always I’ll use Azon Product Finder to find the best ones.

Prior to that I’ll take a closer look in keywords from KWFinder and Ahrefs, just to see if I can find some good keywords to include in the articles, or to get some more ideas for the articles.

When you have the right data it’s much easier to develop good (and winning) strategy for your niche sites. Make sure to check my Niche Packs (especially the Pro pack versions) if you are just starting out and get yourself an awesome, ready to be used, Amazon niche with hundreds of keywords.

Wrapping it up

That’s it for this time guys. My next update is going to come much sooner, I promise.

I hope you enjoyed all the things I shared with you and that you have learned something useful which you can use for you niche sites as well.

By the time my next update comes out I’ll have some content up on my niche sites and will probably have some more useful tips for you guys, together with some cool problem solvers.

Keep working hard 😉

About the Author Drazen Prastalo

Successful affiliate marketer, pro blogger and online entrepreneur. Loves to write, watch movies and build niche websites. On its way to conquer Amazon and build highly profitable Azon niche sites.

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Nigerian man says February 20, 2017

Amazing. I read about your post few months back. The more I read about niche, the more I fall in love wit it. Wishing you success.

    Drazen Prastalo says February 20, 2017

    Thanks man 🙂

Fauzi says February 22, 2017

Hi Drazen ,

Is it ok to put an affiliates link within the information articles ?

    Drazen Prastalo says February 22, 2017

    Yes, of course. But only when it makes sense or it’s helpful for readers, to demonstrate or show the product you are talking about. In informational articles you aren’t actually reviewing actual products, but that doesn’t mean you can’t mention few of them where appropriate and link to them. Just make sure not to make it into a sales/review article.

      Fauzi says February 23, 2017

      Which you prefer in informational article :

      1) Brand name (toshiba , nike etc.) as anchor text as affiliate link ; or
      2) “Go To Amazon ” as anchor text.

      Thanks Drazen in advance 🙂

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