How to Find a Perfect Domain for Amazon Affiliate Website + FREE Cheatsheet

Finding a great domain for your Amazon affiliate website can be a tedious task, often taking you several hours of your time and causing serious frustration. Let me show you the best ways to find a great Azon domain name quickly and save you some of your precious time.

If you ever searched for a domain name before, it was most likely already taken and registered by someone else.

Then, you searched again and the same thing happened – “This domain is already registered.”

Finding great available domains is getting harder and harder each day. There are about 350 million (read that again, yes, 350 million) domains registered (at the moment of writing this article) and approx. 4 million new ones are being registered each month.

Good luck finding that perfect short domain, right? 🙂

Should you even bother searching for a good domain or should you just drop this whole internet business and start working at McDonald’s?

Read on and find out… 🙂

The most popular domain name extension

.com is still the most popular domain extension, used on almost 50% of the websites. That info alone is a good sign that your next domain should be a .com domain. People are familiar with it and most likely going to remember it.

The same goes for Amazon niche sites. If you have done any niche research you have seen that a large majority of websites (your competitors) are using .com domains.

Personally, I always buy .com domains.

The only time I would not use a .com domain for Amazon affiliate website is if my Amazon site is targeting a specific country, like Italy for example. In that case, and especially if my website is not going to be written in English, I could use a .it domain. And even then, a .com domain is still a great choice.

Want a fancy domain extension?

If you wanna be different you can try some of those new fancy domain extensions. I think I once saw a website in the top 10 Google with a .kitchen domain, imagine that!

Here are a few interesting domain extensions you can use:

  • .baby
  • .baseball
  • .bestbuy
  • .bike
  • .camera
  • .expert
  • .fishing

  • .fitness
  • .furniture
  • .garden
  • .guitars
  • .hockey
  • .kitchen
  • .luxury

  • .motorcycles
  • .ninja !!!
  • .pet
  • .plumbing
  • .pro
  • .reviews
  • .shoes

Let me give you an example. If your site is a mixed products review website you could use a .reviews domain (ex: If you have a baseball equipment aff. site you could use .baseball domain (ex:

Note: These domains with special extensions are often more expensive than the usual domains like .com, .net etc. For example .kitchen would cost you about $40/year. Also note that about 50% of the users aren’t even aware of these new fancy (weird?) domain extensions, which may affect your branding and trustworthiness, which can then affect your conversion rates and sales.


Everyone has their favorite domain register, mine is NameCheap.

Once I was a GoDaddy fan, while they had $1 domain coupons but not anymore. Renewal prices at GoDaddy are not the cheapest either, that’s why I use NameCheap. Plus I love their instant domain search function (without pressing Enter or clicking Search button).

If you are a complete newbie and buying a hosting as well (I recommend SiteGround or GreenGeeks) then you will also get 1 free domain from them too.

Still, I suggest buying your domain separate from your hosting. You never know, maybe you will change your host in the future and having domains attached to it just complicates things.

The best ways to find great & available .com domains

At the beginning of 2016 I actually wrote about this same topic on my other blog Income Mesh. That domain name research guide wasn’t specifically targeted at Amazon niche sites but is still awesome and can be really useful to you.

Before you click on the link above let me tell you quickly what will you learn from that article:

  • Where to register your new domain
  • What makes a domain good or bad
  • Best tools for finding great domains
  • Thesaurus hack
  • 3-letter words
  • And more! 🙂

Seriously, it’s an awesome article. Even if you are not a complete newbie it will give you some new awesome ideas on how to find your next awesome domain.

Actually, in that article, I explained my personal process which I use each time I am searching for domains.

Use niche keywords in your domain for more awesomeness

Do you want an awesome domain? Like really, really awesome? Then try this trick…

Sure, using words like guru, best, reviews etc. in your domains is ok, but if you want to take it one step further – make it even more niche related.

For example, you are promoting water sports product, like kayaks (damn kayaks). To find a great domain you could use some word related to the water/sea. Few things come to mind, like navigation, compass, captain etc. And when you connect it with “kayak” you get,, etc.

Maybe this example above is not the best but you get the point.

And when you use niche related words in your domains they automatically become better, more unique and more attractive to Googlers.

Amazon niche site domains cheatsheet

I know a lot of you reading this are just lazy (don’t worry, I am too) and you would like to find great domains for your Amazon niche site as fast as possible. Who has time for reading few articles, doing all that research and checking all that domain names, right?

Ok, so below I am going to give you a nice domain finding cheat sheet you can use to find your next domain within minutes.

It is basically a list of awesome words you can use together with your niche’s main keyword. In this example I am using “fishing kayak” or just “kayak” as my niche/product.

Here they are, 50 of them, together with an example in case you are not sure what do with it.

*Check the next section of this article to find out about Azon Domain Finder – awesome domain generator made specifically for Amazon affiliates with 100 words included!


For easy copy/paste click here and download a .txt file with all 50 words.

I suggest using NameCheap’s bulk search option (right before the Search button) for checking domain availability in bulk. Just copy your domains there, click Search and enjoy!

Azon Domain Finder

I’ve decided to speed up the process of finding great domains for Amazon niche sites and have built a domain name generator specifically for that purpose – meet Azon Domain Finder.

It has 100 words which, connected to your niche keyword, will give you great and brandable domain names.

Wrapping it up

I hope I helped you at least a bit in finding your next perfect domain as fast as possible for your new Amazon niche site. I know the process is not perfect and the cheatsheet is small, but I am working on a better, automated solution for you guys. It is live – check Azon Domain Finder here!

Happy manual domain hunting and see you in the next post!

About the Author Drazen Prastalo

Successful affiliate marketer, pro blogger and online entrepreneur. Loves to write, watch movies and build niche websites. On its way to conquer Amazon and build highly profitable Azon niche sites.

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mark says January 12, 2017

nice article sums it up well. One exception I would offer to the .com as tld (it is all I buy as well) is if the site has a network infrastructure angle .net can be fine or even more desirable. So if I were building a site on best hosting companies for photographers. I would be happy to have

    Drazen Prastalo says January 12, 2017

    Thanks Mark. Yeah, if the domain is really good but .com is taken than .net is not a bad choice either. But still I would give .com huge advantage over any other domain.

Mike Hassi says April 22, 2017

Amazing. I read about your post few days back. Wishing you success.

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