Ultimate List of Profitable Amazon Niches & Keywords

This document has over 100 hand-picked Amazon niches you can use to start your new Azon niche site. Each niche has most important SEO data and other useful info.

Price for the first 20 buyers is just $27. After that it goes to $37 for the next 20 buyers. After that it will raise up for another $10 and so on until it reaches $97 - its real and final price. Long story short, the sooner you buy it the better deal you're gonna get!

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The Ultimate Source of Profitable Amazon Niches

One Google Spreadsheet

Instant Access - Easy Sorting

All 100+ Amazon niches are stored in a Google Spreadsheet. You just need to copy it to your Google Drive after which you can sort the niche by SEO competition, traffic volume or any other way you prefer.

All The Data You Need

Trustworthy SEO Data

Every niche comes with an average search volume data, SEO difficulty, number of words, CPC, PPC competition and product price range. Also, all data comes from a reliable and premium SEO tool.

No Fluff, Just Pure Value

All Niches Are Hand-Picked

All niches were hand-picked after careful evaluation of each keyword. Not only that, all keywords are "buyers" keywords in a form of "best keywordX keywordZ" which will yield best and fastest results.

The Best Deal You'll Ever Get

The pricing for 100+ Amazon Niches starts at just $27 for the first 20 buyers. This is an unreal price and you won't get another chance of getting this at such a cheap price. After the first 20 copies are sold the price will go up to $37 where it will be available for that price to another 20 buyers. After that it goes up to $47 for the next 20 buyers, and so on until it reaches $97 which is its final and real price. Better hurry and grab it while it's still low!

Current Price

$27 $37 $47 $57 $67 $77 $87 $97

Or click here to preview the niches first - opens up a Google Spreadsheet  and see all the data except keywords to make sure you are buying good stuff.

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