10 Best Free WordPress Themes for Amazon Niche Sites

Free WordPress themes these days look just as good as premium ones. You don’t need to spend a fortune to get that premium look for your niche website. Just pick one or more of the themes I am recommending below and you can start building your new Amazon affiliate site right away.

If you are like me you probably don’t even look at free WordPress themes anymore, since there are so much great premium themes on Theme Forest and other places. Actually, I thought that free WordPress themes must really suck (quality wise), and there’s no way in hell they could even compete with premium themes.

While that is true up to a certain point, especially when it comes to theme support and theme documentation, you might end up being really surprised with the looks and quality of some WordPress themes I’m about to present to you in this post.

These themes are not built and designed to be used for Amazon niche sites specifically, they are normal multi-purpose WordPress themes. But, with some small adjustments and customizations you can build yourself an amazing looking Amazon affiliate website in a snap.

Ok, enough with the intro and my rambling, let me show you what I mean, and why am I so amazed.

Check them out and please let me know what you think in the comments below. Aren’t these great? Or maybe you know a better one?

Hold no secrets, share your thoughts and favorite free WordPress themes in the comments area below this article.

GeneratePress WordPress theme (FREE)


Now this is my definition of a modern, clean WordPress theme. No complicating, no messed up fonts, styling, columns or any other weird things going on, the focus is on your content, just the way it should be.

Your Amazon buyers will buy things based on what you say/write. Making it easy to find what they need and read about it without any obstacles, that’s your goal.

What I like about GeneratePress is the perfect content area width and sidebar width. Your review articles will be able to show a nice big featured image, and there will also be enough space to incorporate a decent comparison table or even a two-column pros and cons section.

There are also multiple column layouts available with sidebars or even a full-width page without sidebar. Sidebar itself is really nice and clean, and everything you put in it will look good.

And yes, GeneratePress is FREE!

Still, if you want some more advanced options, some more features you can check their add-ons page or just get GeneratePress Premium for $39.95, That’s completely up to you, the free version will do just fine too.

Sparkling WordPress theme (FREE)


Here comes a gem from ColorLib, a simple WordPress theme with a huge slider at the top, which you can but don’t have to use if you don’t want to (I guess).

The slider is not the thing that impressed me the most, it’s the clean layout, nice featured image placing in articles, gallery features, and even an interesting footer.

What some of you, Amazon affiliates, will find also very useful, are shortcodes, included with the theme. That means you don’t have to install a separate WordPress plugin just for shortcodes, everything you need is included with the theme.

Again, with just a bit of your imagination, you can use Sparkling theme to make one hell of an Amazon niche site.

Parabola WordPress theme (FREE)


I actually noticed Parabola theme on one highly successful Amazon niche site. If it works for him/her why wouldn’t it work for you too, right?

That’s exactly why I am sharing it here.

Parabola is a unique looking theme, with one interesting home page layout which will certainly differentiate your niche site from others. Unfortunately, their demo page doesn’t show all the beauty and power this theme has, but trust me, when you populate that home page with real articles it looks really beautiful.

You can use its slider at the top, or just use one image like a header image to show off your products, and instantly show your visitors what your website is all about.

Other than the things I mentioned, this theme is really simple and straightforward and that’s what makes it so good for an Amazon niche site.

Awaken WordPress theme (FREE)


Here we have a magazine layout looking theme from ThemezHut called Awaken. The first thing I noticed is how fast this theme is, lightning fast, considering it has many blog posts showing on the home page. That’s definitely a plus.

Although I’m not a fan of magazine style WordPress themes for Amazon niche sites, you can always trim it down a bit. Don’t show 20+ posts on your home page, show just 5-10 latest articles. It will still look good and full of content.

I really like the menu bar in this theme, and its drop down menu. But everything else looks good too, include blog posts page, and even sidebar.

Fast, clean and simple, but magazine style layout, if that’s what you are looking for then definitely check Awaken theme.

Baskerville WordPress theme (FREE)


I can already see myself using this theme on a modern, tech Amazon niche site. It’s a masonry style theme with latest articles showing in a three-column setting.

The header is consisting of a background image, site title, and a beautiful menu. On their demo page the header is pretty dark, but you can change that very easily and adjust it to match your site niche.

What I like the most is the post view, with a nice wide content area, and clean sidebar. There’s a lot of white space so everything is easy to scan and read, a feature your readers will appreciate the most.

To truly see how great this free theme is you must check their demo and see for yourself.

Freedom WordPress theme (FREE)


One look at this theme’s demo page and you’ll see why it’s just perfect for a small Amazon niche site.

The home page is so good in visually presenting the product and is just attracting the visitor to click through and read the whole article. And not to mention that small but nice slider at the top showing off your latest reviews.

The content area in a single-post view is a bit narrow, although it can fill in more text if you reduce the font size just a bit. Current link color is some kind of turquoise green or something, but I would personally change that too to something more eye appealing.

All in all guys, with a few changes Freedom theme can be one really great theme for any Amazon niche site. It’s not corporate looking, it has a personal touch to it, and i think visitors will recognize and feel that, and your reviews and articles will sound more trustworthy.

Prolog WordPress theme (FREE)


Wow, this theme really looks modern. That was my first thought and my first impression as I laid my eyes on Prolog theme demo page.

Key features you’ll just love are that modern-looking menu bar many other premium themes have, great custom sidebar widgets, fast (like really fast) loading and SEO friendliness.

Just put a nice logo in there, adjust the colors and you are ready to publish your first review articles.

Oh yeah, you can also choose from a wide range of preset colors and the change the style of this theme, and you can even add a nice background image easily and give it a unique touch.

Maria WordPress theme (FREE)


Is this theme really free? It can’t be, it’s too good, why would anyone give it for free? Well, beats me, but this WordPress theme is really that good and really completely free!

The name “Maria” may give away that this is a WP theme made for women. Demo page certainly confirms that, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be adjusted to suit your needs and possibly become another successful niche site theme.

What I like the most is definitely the top slider. The attention to details, all that custom design, really looks professional and like someone put a lot of thought and attention to it.

Everything else looks amazing too, starting from single post view, custom fonts, and even some custom widgets in the sidebar.

I’ll stop with the praise, check the demo and see for yourself.

ColorMag WordPress theme (FREE)


I know there are a lot of you magazine theme style lovers reading this, so here you go, an ultimate magazine WordPress theme, completely free of charge.

If you plan to create some kind of authority niche site, with lots of content, ColorMag theme might be the right choice for you.

Modern header, clean menu, powerful footer and a matching sidebar, will give you so many options and space to publish as many articles as you’d like and still make it all look really nice.

Single post view also looks really good and provided enough space to style your articles with comparison tables, images, pros and cons sections and much more.

I’m not really into these kinds of themes, but if I were and I was looking for a free theme, I would definitely use this one.

Hueman WordPress theme (FREE)


There’s a really good chance you’ve already heard about Hueman theme. It’s one of the most popular WordPress themes out there, currently installed and used on over 70 thousand websites.

The power of Hueman theme lays in its customizability and really, you can change pretty much everything on it. Use two columns, or three or fours, use one or two menus, put a sidebar on the left or right, or use two sidebars, or don’t use a sidebar at all.

I personally used this theme on my other blog few years ago, and can confirm first hand it’s really that good. With a bit of styling you can create a nice Amazon niche site with it, even if you are a complete beginner.

Check the demo and their details page to learn more about Hueman.


I hope you find these 10 WordPress themes useful, and that some of you reading this will really use them on your little (or big) Amazon niche sites.

Just to clarify some things, all themes are responsive and compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Since they are popular and used by many people, it’s very likely they will be updated regularly – in other words, they are future-proof although they are completely free to use.

Want more free WordPress themes?

When I was doing my research for this article I’ve found a lot more free WordPress themes perfect for Amazon niche site projects, but didn’t wanna include them all here.

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About the Author Drazen Prastalo

Successful affiliate marketer, pro blogger and online entrepreneur. Loves to write, watch movies and build niche websites. On its way to conquer Amazon and build highly profitable Azon niche sites.

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Navdeep says September 16, 2016

Hey Drazen,

Nice list of free WordPress themes. Although you have kept other free themes for your subscribers, even then I suggest to include “Rubine” wp theme by themezee. It is my personal best for the amazon niche sites and can be used on any niche.

Anyway, great list man. Thanks a ton.

    Drazen Prastalo says September 16, 2016

    Hi Navdeep, thanks, I’m glad you like them.

    Of course, there are a lot more free themes out there, these are just 10 listed here. I may add another post like this in the future with 10 other free WP themes.

    Rubine theme also looks nice, thanks for recommending it 🙂

Sam says October 12, 2016

Hey Drazen,

Can you share a few Amazon websites that are built using these themes?

Shohidur Rahman Khan says December 27, 2016

I downloaded the maria theme but it can’t be installed(missing style.css).Any solution please

    Drazen Prastalo says December 27, 2016

    Contact the theme creators and ask them, that’s the best solution. I tried Maria theme few months ago and it was working fine for me.

      Shohidur Rahman Khan says December 27, 2016

      I forgot to unzip it first lol. Btw super awesome free themes man. others sites have so many shitty themes in top 10,I almost stopped looking

Jaswinder Kaur says October 12, 2017

The list for free themes to use for Amazon Niche site is great!

There is one, which you can list here and that is -Spacious free theme, which I used for one year on my Niche site(Ease Bedding Dot Com) and after one year, I changed it to Pro.
It is good and neat theme to use for Business Site.

Thanks for the list.

Muhammad Abbas says October 25, 2017

Great blog post. you share rich list of amazon niche site themes. Thanks alot for such a nice article.

Gurjit Singh says January 23, 2018

Thanks for sharing this information

Rahul says March 29, 2018

Thanks for Sharing

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